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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: excalibur-component
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 18:16:08 GMT
Ralph Goers wrote:

>Thanks for the info.  
>Maybe I misunderstood, but I had requested before the release that the
>source for snapshots be made available from Cocoon's site.  I thought that
>this had been agreed to.  It is a royal pain for me to do CVS checkouts from
>work.  Also, I'd like to know with 100% certainty that I actually have the
>same source Cocoon used to build with.  I see snapshots for commons-jexl,
>commons-jxpath, excalibur-store, and rhino along with excalibur-component.
>Am I supposed to do the same thing and hope for the best with them as well?

Unfortunately, that's probably exactly what you'll need to do.  I don't 
recall whether there was a consensus on keeping the sources with the 
snapshots but I think you're right about that.  Unfortunately, consensus 
that something should happen does not translate always to action - 
especially when there is no formal [VOTE] thread.  Sorry about that - I 
think it's a pain too.  However, the chance that you could do a checkout 
by date and get different sources is a lower probability threat - you 
can review the commit logs (many of them are sent to a publicly archived 
mail list such as and usually determine with 
confidence that what you have is correct.  The big arguments in favor of 
the source-snapshot were: 1) firewall cvs checkout problems 2) cvs 
history lost by repository reshuffling.  The second won't be a problem 
with recent snapshots.

Of course, maybe Carsten did do a source snapshot of those projects but 
he just did the release.  Most of those were probably checked in before 
the release and before that discussion.


>>I guess Carsten is out of town?  Does anybody else know how to get the
>>source for the snapshot of excalibur-component used in Cocoon.  I looked at
>>the avalon-excalibur in CVS and didn't see any tags that match. Am I
>>supposed to check out by the date and hope that nothing else got changed
>>after it was checked out for Cocoon? 
>Yes, though.  Check out by date should work and I'm pretty sure you'll 
>find by browsing the cvs that the volume of commits on 
>excalibur-component is low enough that you won't have any commits around 
>that date.

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