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From Stephan Coboos <>
Subject Re: Flowscript and return to pipeline
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 09:22:12 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>AFAIK, there as an initiative to use javascript in XSP. But for a lack of
>interest there is not fully developed.
Yes, I know. But I dont like XSP. I think XSP is not the best way to 
integrate logic.

>For historical reasons flow was introduced with flowscript for
>convenience. Later was found the advantages of using Javascript in Flow.
>There was hard discusion. You can search cocoon-dev mailarchives about
>this topic.
Yes. But what I want to say is: Why should I use the one language to 
integrate this logic and the other language to integrate other logic? 
Why not bring it all together? Why cant I use a JavaScript like an 
action? Or did you ever seen a car which only can turn left? ;-))

The more different types of integrating logic are possible the more 
complicated cocoon will become.

To put it all in a nutshell:

I think a solution like this:

<map:match pattern="first">
   <map:call function="getValues" return="true"/>
   <map:transform type="jxt"/>

is more easier to understand than this:

<map:match pattern="first">
   <map:call function="getValues"/>

<map:match pattern="second">
   <map:generate type="jxt"/>

ok, this is possible, too:

<map:match pattern="first">
   <map:act type="getValues"/>
   <map:transform type="jxt"/>

But here I have to use two different languages. In our company we have 
many html-developers who can use JavaScript but nowone is able to using 
Java. So we have to realize the simple logic part by the expensive 
web-developers, too!


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