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From Stephan Coboos <>
Subject Flowscript and return to pipeline
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 21:20:03 GMT

in some discussions I'd heard that actions and XSP should be more and 
more replaced by flowscript. I think, this is a good idea because 
flowscript is a good way to integrate logic parts into an application. 
But with one thing I cant agree. Why shouldn't it be possible to return 
to the sitemap without sendPage? I had read some discussions about the 
decision, throwing a Exception if no sendPage existst within a 
flowscript but I think this decision was wrong.

In our current project we have to create some Beans from a Database. 
After that, this beans should be integrated into the actual pipeline, 
but this is not possible because a return after the flowscript is not 
possible so we have to use Actions instead brrrr....

This is not possible but would be very very nice:

<map:match pattern="listProducts">
   <map:generate type="file" src="products.xml"/>
   <map:call function="readProductBeans"/>
   <map:transform type="jxt"/>
   <map:transform type="xslt"/>

Instead we have to do a work arround with an action which every time 
returns null and to put the Beans into the request scope. So we have to 
merge actions and flowscripts in one application but we do not want to 
use actions... So what to do?

An alternative way would be a kind of "linear"-flowscript which is not 
able to redirect into another pipeline. What do you think about this? 
This could be marked in the pipeline with an attribute linear="true" for 

<map:call function="readProductBeans" linear="true"/>

So if you read this line, you can be shure that this flowscript comes 
back and does not redirect into another pipeline.

Thank you.


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