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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: XML-Relational Mapping (Was: USQL)
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:31:13 GMT
Brian McCallister wrote:

> it seems to me the embedded Xindice option should work pretty 
> painlessly for most simple persistence needs. If it is hard to use, 
> the better option may be to look at how to make it easier to use. If 
> an XML -> rdmbs automapper and schema generator is needed it seems a 
> lot like reinventing a new backend for an xml database.
> -Brian

I agree, for many persistance needs an XML db, or even storing XML files 
in the file system is the best alternative.

For the projects I work in however, and I think this situation is rather 
common, we already have a lot of customer data from other data sources 
in a relational data base. And we need to combine this data with user 
input data in different ways. In this kind of context the easiest way is 
to store the user input in the db as well and using SQL to combine data.


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