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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Java continuations (was: with joeq)
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:01:36 GMT
> My opinion: probably not. However, I just thought of another drawback 
> with using Joeq's interpreter, namely you wouldn't be able to debug it 
> with a standard Java debugger. The Brakes-like approach doesn't have 
> this limitation. In addition, since that approach simply modifies the 
> bytecode it would still be optimized by Hotspot and would still 
> outperform any scripting language. Torsten, what's the status of your 
> work on this?

Since my proof-of-concept nothing much happend regarding the code.
I prepared a block that is sitting on my disk.

I talked to the brakes guys and was supposed to get an official
"go" around christmas. I haven't heard anything yet and have to
admit I did not press on this anymore. Maybe it's not even necessary
but I'd prefer to be save on such legal aspects.

I also talked to James Strachan and the guy from RIFE. We thought
it would be a good idea to share the efforts and create general
java continuations project until java might get native continuations.
We could also (at least) try to push this a little. But this also
stalled probably due to the lack of time.

Although quite some people contacted me in private on this subject
I thought we (cocoon) decided to go the javascript way and not create
too many options in this area.

...but java continuations with the compiling classloader sounds
pretty cool to me :)

Do you guys want me to push this a little more again?


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