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From Scott Robert Ladd <>
Subject Re: The (new) Jisp 3.0 license
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 23:05:23 GMT
I'm going to consider some of the philosophical ramification this 
weekend; I have a 3.1 version of Jisp in the Wings, and I can always 
relicense it.

One issue that I did want to address:

Steven Noels wrote:
> I'm intrigued though by the questions you receive about Jisp from the 
> Apache side: do these originate from Cocoon users? While Jisp is 
> considered a core (though switchable) part of Cocoon (it's the default 
> of two cache implementations), its existence is shielded from the 
> passing eye of a normal user. Also, we would expect that Jisp issues 
> within Cocoon would be reported on the Cocoon lists, which happens, but 
> not regularly enough to suspect people to come and nag you directly. Or 
> is it because of other ASF projects using Jisp?

I don't know the precise origin (within the Apache framework) of the 
questions; I do know that, since last fall, three separate companies 
contacted me about Jisp, based on their discovery of it in the Apache 
code base.

In one case, the company paid me a small amount to help them try to win 
a contract with a Big Bank; their bid failed, though not due to Jisp. 
They used Jisp for a purpose similar to that of Cocoon.

The other two companies approached me with similar propisitions; for 
some reason both were incapable of some rather simple extensions of Jisp 
required for their own commercial projects. Since both were in a rush, 
and I'm always looking to make new customers, I jumped in and wrote what 
they asked for; neither paid me, and one was quite rude about the affair.

After the above experiences, I relicensed Jisp under the GPL.

I am open to being convinced that another license would be more beneficial.


Scott Robert Ladd
Coyote Gulch Productions (
Software Invention for High-Performance Computing

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