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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Of One-man Efforts and the like
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 21:36:55 GMT
> I would *love* to spend time working on projects like Apache -- but I 
> haven't the luxury of free time. Do I think people can make money from 
> working on free software? Certainly -- my primary contract right now is 
> to write free software for a big British company (heh, they're 
> outsourcing to America).
> And while money is nice, I'm also willing to consider various designs 
> for mutually-beneficial arrangements.

So the bottom line probably is... at least the Apache Cocoon community
is very thankful for the existing free version. But instead of bugging
you we would like to help fixing bugs and support what we use.

We would also like to do this for the new version. But a GPL licence
makes it impossible for us to ship it with Cocoon. Even if your are
so generous offering a special Apache permission.

I guess a lot of people on this list are working on Cocoon for money
(besides for the fun). I don't know if this will work for Jisp the
same way and if you can make enough money out of that.

Noone will blame you if that's not enough for you. But IMHO these days
it's the know-how that still sells good. Consider seeing it like having 
free support for your product. ...but that would require Jisp to live
in a CVS (sourceforge,apache,your own,...) and for Cocooners to help
an Apache compatible licence ;)

As good as I know the people of this community there will surely be
no harsh feelings if you decide otherwise. But it's up to you if you
want us to help you as your software helps us.

...otherwise we probably need to move to something else
...or keep using the old version.

My 2 cents

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