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From Scott Robert Ladd <>
Subject Re: Jisp 3.0 moved to GPL licence
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 19:54:54 GMT
> On 20.02.2004 12:25, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> AFAIK, we must move away from jisp. That was an ugly move! :-(

I intended no ugliness; I never even considered that Apache would be 
offended by my change in license.

When I used libpng, I had people complaining I wasn't using GPL; when I 
use the GPL, people complain that I should use something else. I'm sure 
you can understand this, given the current controversy over changes in 
Apache's license.

I'm willing to work with Apache on this issue, so how am I being ugly?


Scott Robert Ladd
Coyote Gulch Productions (
Software Invention for High-Performance Computing

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