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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [woody]display error after upgrade to 2.1.4.It may be a new bug?
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:28:48 GMT
On 18.02.2004 07:17, 黄 海冬 wrote:

> I will try it.But how to dowgrade?replace file in java_home or tomcat lib?

Replace the xalan-2.5.2.jar in COCOON_SRC/lib/endorsed with the 
xalan-2.5.1.jar, change the version in COCOON_SRC/lib/jars.xml (or 
exclude JAR validation in our This makes the 
change permanent, i.e. you can rebuild your Cocoon.

When you use Jetty this changes is enough as Jetty uses 
COCOON_SRC/lib/endorsed as endorsed dir. If you use another servlet 
container like Tomcat or WSAD you have to do this by hand (e.g. 
replacing the JAR also in TOMCAT_HOME/common/endorsed). But the 
environment check you sent found the Xalan JAR in 
JDK_HOME/jre/lib/endorsed, so I guess this is used by you and you have 
to replace it there.

Endorsed dirs can be really annoying ...


> I can confirm the error with XSLTC from Xalan 2.5.2, I didn't try it 
> with XSTLC from Xalan 2.5.1 yet. But it works with Xalan 2.5.1 itself, 
> so I can only recommend you to downgrade to this version.
> Joerg

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