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From Pete <>
Subject [Patch Submission] Color transform feature added to
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 04:16:41 GMT
Hello everyone, as I was building an image gallery app I was requested 
to add
the ability to tint an image to coordinate color schemes with the 
website in
general. To do this I patched the ImageReader to perform a transform on the
RGB color channels. This is configured in exactly the same manner as 
scaling is
now done.

See for the results.

This required modification of the


class only.

The changes include

       *   Support for creating a grayscale jpeg
       *   Support for tinting ( scale red, green or blue color channel )

       *   Cache key now *always* contains scaling and color coefficients

This does mean that instead of scaling a decoded Raster, a decoded
BufferedImage is used. A BufferedImage consists of a Raster + color
information and is required for the color transform. I consider this the
most pivotal change.

The actual color transform is not applied unless specifically requested
in the sitemap, so I believe the change is benign.

A cvs diff -u style patch to


is attached. Please review and consider it for inclusion in Cocoon.

All the best, and thank you


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