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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: cocoon-2.1/legal LICENSE.ant
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 00:43:51 GMT
On 16.02.2004 07:55, David Crossley wrote:

>>>All the Windows files you touched now seem to have a line ending issue.
>>How I can solve this?
> Every time a UNIX-based committer receives files from somewhere
> else (for example Buzgilla Patch or another project) then they
> need to ensure that they do not have a Windows problem. Do a 
> 'dos2unix' on the files to fix them.
> For a Windows-based committer, they may need to do the opposite
> (i do not know) and they definitely need to ensure that they
> have a proper CVS client that converts the line endings to the
> UNIX-style on commit.

 From the latest commit messages I found another reason for a line 
ending issue: many text files were committed as binary files and are so 
an almost guaranteed source of line endings problems. When committed 
from Unix David's line endings test is passed, but you can't view the 
files in Windows in little editors like notepad. When committed from 
Windows David's test fails, he fixes it and you can again not view the 
files in Windows. The problem is that binary files remain untouched when 
committed to CVS and so the line endings that the CVS client should 
handle in theory.

What's the stuff in CVS? It's called keyword substitution and for 
binaries the value is set to -kb, for ASCII you have different 
possibilities (keyword replacement, keyword expansion, keywords 
untouched and some more), I simple chose the Eclipse default -kkv 
(expansion). I don't know how to do this from command line, but I guess 
simply by committing with the additional -kkv. I chose Eclipse (Team > 
Change ASCII/Binary Property) and it was a bit of manual work (I felt 
like in the game Diablo: click & fight, but here where no monsters, only 
binary files ;). When adding 'CVS' to the label decorations (which I 
have done to see easily which files are locally modified) you also see 
whether the files are ASCII or binary - you only have to open and close 
all directories. It would be good to get this work done automatically, 
or at least the list of all binary files.

What can be done in future: Configure your CVS client correctly. From 
the blocks and their initial committers you see problem candidates:

woody > htmlarea          Ugo
portal, portal-fw         Carsten
ojb                       Antonio
linotype                  Stefano
eventcache                Geoff

We must not add files with (for the server unknown) file endings add 
"automatically", you must add them ASCII style (I know WinCVS has this 
explicitely, but I don't know about Eclipse). Another option is of 
course to set the file styles server side, but I don't know if we can do 
it for every file ending (imagine the files in legal), but at least for 

If David has observed the commits more deeper I guess many files were 
known to him for dos2unix commits. When paying attention to the 
ASCII/binary issue we will exempt him from this work to a certain extent 
and he can invest his time on real Cocoon or Forrest features :)


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