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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: JXTemplate Generator Variables
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 22:36:01 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Hi all,
> Documentation [1] states that JXTemplate generator has cocoon.request 
> / cocoon.session / etc variables declared to access 
> request/session/etc. And, that it has request / session / etc 
> variables that also provide access to the similar objects.
> Now, the issue is that JXTemplate generator, actually, does not 
> /always/ provide template with variables. In reality, it 
> provides these variables if, and only if, template has been invoked 
> from within the flow. This makes me conclude that, either:
>    (a) request/response/etc variables can not be deprecated, as they 
> are the only reliable way to get hold of request/response/etc. Cocoon 
> needs templating capabilities regardless of flow.
> or
>    (b) cocoon.request/cocoon.response etc implementation is not 
> complete yet, and this is a bug in current implementation.
> So, what statement is correct - (a) or (b)?

(a) If you don't use flow, there is no FOM, so it makes no sense to have 
access to it using

JXTemplate was originally designed specifically to be used from a 
flowscript.  If you want to use it in some other way some design changes 
are probably required.



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