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From Yatin Shah <>
Subject [cform] What is the java class type for a multivaluefield selection list?
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 15:47:24 GMT
I'm running woody+flow using cvs version from Jan 30, 04 11:38 EST.

I define my widget as:
   <wd:multivaluefield id="rules">
     <wd:label>Select all applicable Features and/or Rules:</wd:label>
     <wd:hint>List of conditions, features and notes</wd:hint>
     <wd:datatype base="string">
     <wd:selection-list src="cocoon:/dynamic-selection/RuleActivity" 
and bind to javascript object like var rules = ["1", "2"];
This results in following error:
Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot set value of field "rules" 
with an object of type org.mozilla.javascript.NativeArray
I tried java.util.ArrayList(), java.util.Vector() and java.lang.String() 
but all had similar errors.
What is the correct way of setting a list? What is the expected datatype?
Thank you.

Yatin Shah, President             
Kripa Inc.                        
Dayton, New Jersey USA                      phone:  732.329.8303
Developers of real time event driven distributed DB applications

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