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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Character Conversion Trouble with Cocoon 2.1.3 and Resin 2.1.12
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 01:49:22 GMT
Hello Thomas,

in theory it should already work as we set the input encoding when 
parsing the resulting byte array:
(line 123). This works at least for Tomcat, so I don't know if Resin has 
just a bug there. Maybe the servlet gurus can tell us more about the 
possible downsides of this patch. Unico, you have been the last one 
touching it :)

BTW, the common parts of the different implementations of JSPEngine 
interface have been factored out of them into new classes 
JSPEngineServletConfig, *OutputStream, *Request, *Response. So it's only 
  one place where this has to be changed:


On 30.01.2004 03:31, Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:

> On Mit, 2004-01-28 at 17:33, Thomas Zehetbauer wrote:
>>In my JSP page I output a XML declaration with the encoding attribute
>>set to UTF-8 and use a page contentType="text/xml; charset=UTF-8"
>>declaration as well. When I use the JSTL format taglib to output a
>>currency value the generated Euro symbol looks fine when I get it
>>directly from the JSP. Unfortunately it gets damaged when I pipe it
>>through the Cocoon JSP generator. Cocoon on the other hand works fine
>>when I save the output of the JSP to a file and use the file generator
>>on this.
> Ok, I have just tracked down the problem and included a small patch for
> Cocoon-2.1.3.
> Tom

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