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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Cocoon february report
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2004 14:15:22 GMT
Here's the february Cocoon report for the board.

Community project:

- A reformulation of the Cocoon project mission statement has been sent 
to the board for approval - pending.
- Guidelines are (still) under construction (but given the 
even-mindedness of the Cocoon community, and our debate/consensus 
culture they are hardly being missed).
- Wiki still resides outside ASF infrastructure, there's some W-I-P 
happening on a JSPWiki->moinmoin translator in a silent corner. The 
intention is to move all core logistical tools onto supported ASF 


- The last ASL 1.1-licensed Cocoon release had been done on Friday 13th 
Feb 2004 (2.1.4) - upcoming releases, also of legacy branches, will be 
done using the new license.
- FirstFridays (a monthly online bug-fixing fest) are becoming a 
welcome established tradition.
- A lot of work has been done on the Cocoon Forms framework, and 
alternative frameworks will now be actively deprecated.
- The Pipelines-Flow-Woody trio quietly becomes the mainstream way of 
using Cocoon.
- The 2.2 codebase is moving on, relatively few but regular 
- More systematic and structured use of bugzilla helps us get a clearer 
picture of what's happening.
- Three new committers since mid-October 2003: Unico Hommes, Timothy 
Larson and Daniel Fagerstrom.


- First 'outside', active committer has been attracted and voted upon 
(Rolf Kulemann).
- W-I-P on their second ASF-based release is ongoing.
- There's good efforts underway to continuously integrate between Lenya 
& Cocoon.
- Stale publication types are being deprecated.
- Legal issues with outside codebases have been eradicated.
- Incubation ongoing - no specific issues to report.


- The situation with the Rhino fork Cocoon depends on still needs to be 
tackled - Rhino's murky legal past doesn't help a lot with that, and 
very few committers have time and energy to tackle this.
- We have been on an active pursuit of having CLAs on file for all 
Cocoon committers. We are aware of the fact that non-compliance could 
mean future lock-out.

Apart from some small nits, the Apache Cocoon project is both legally 
and community-wise very healthy - or aiming for achieving this future 
healthiness - and no issues are expected in the near future.

</Steven>, Cocoon PMC Chair
Steven Noels                  
Outerthought - Open Source Java & XML            An Orixo Member
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