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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Woody scratchpad area
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 21:04:15 GMT

I would suggest that removing things and moving woody into the core (if that
involves changing the class names, etc from woody) is best left until 2.2.
People expect that classes that existed in 2.1.0 will be available in any
2.1.x release.  

IMHO, as a general rule anything deprecated in N.Y.x can be removed no
earlier than N.Y+2.0 or N+1.0.0. (Someone doing development in 2.1.0 will
not be too happy if something they are using is deprecated in 2.1.1 and is
removed in 2.2).  I would also recommend that when something is deprecated
that it should identify at what release it will be removed and what the
alternative is.

Frankly, I don't believe Woody should have been in 2.1 as a block - it
should have been in the scratchpad.  The number of fundamental changes that
have been made to it clearly indicate that it wasn't stable when 2.1.0 was
released.  It should never be tolerated that something that is "released"
(i.e. in core or in a block) is allowed to have its interface or fundamental
behavior change from one minor release to the next.  It could have been
moved from the scratchpad into a block at a minor release when it was deemed
ready.  Frankly, from the number of Woody messages in the users list I'm not
sure it is (although I have to admit that since I don't use it I don't read
the messages so I don't know if things aren't working or lots of people
still don't know how to use it).  I started development with 2.1.0 and found
I had to modify everything when I upgraded to 2.1.3 simply because of the
conversion from Composable to Serviceable.  IMO, that should never happen.



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From: 	Stefano Mazzocchi [] 
Sent:	Thursday, February 12, 2004 12:44 PM
Subject:	Re: [VOTE] Woody scratchpad area

Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Hi:
> Some people is currently using woody for development. On the other side we
> need a test area to implement some enhancements in woody that affect
> critical parts of woody. Sometimes it can broke the woody block. For these
> reason we think it is a good idea to have an scratchpad area for woody
> developement. In this scratchpad area, we can freely implement and test
> new features before we move them inside the woody block.
> Of course the Woody scratchpad area will be created after the 2.1.4


I also think it's a good idea to considering solidifying the form 
methodology by:

  1) removing XMLForms entirely (they have been deprecated for a while now)

  2) deprecating JXForms (a vote is already in place, this counts as +1 
to that)

  3) moving Woody inside cocoon core and rename it Cocoon Forms (we 
should stop calling it woody)

For people that expected Cocoon 2.2 to make this happening, well, I 
think we should get it done in Cocoon 2.1.5 instead.


Stefano, at W3C offices ;-)

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