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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: bugzilla usage
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 06:52:23 GMT
Le Vendredi, 13 fév 2004, à 00:22 Europe/Zurich, Joerg Heinicke a écrit 

> On 12.02.2004 07:38, Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
>>> ...The dependency tree as we use it at the moment is not meant 
>>> blocking, but that's an obvious wrong usage of it and bugzilla as it 
>>> reads "bug 123 blocks 456". We really should use this only for 
>>> blocking issues...
>> I disagree, these dependency lists are very useful to quickly get a 
>> picture of where we stand.
> Hmm, a list can be created on the query page depending on the target 
> milestone. The only thing that is lost is the tree, but I don't know 
> if this is really needed...

IMO the tree is a very useful display when dependencies are used 
extensively. But you're right that queries on target milestones would 
work as well.

>> ...Problem is, in a dependency page like
>> you don't see what's a blocker, what's nice to have and so on.
> That works when querying the patch depending on the target milestone 
> as you get a normal bug list.

Agreed. Too bad there's no easy way (AFAIK) to show additional fields 
in the tree display.

>> An easy way to fix this would be to add [BLOCKER] to the title as we 
>> already do for patches.
> I don't like these things that must be done by hand without any 
> restrictions.

These are obviously hacks but we're using [PATCH] already so it 
wouldn't be a bigger sin ;-)

>>> Bugzilla provides another function to add "might be good to have it 
>>> in the release": target milestones. We should just add milestones 
>>> for every release and set value for the "might be good ..."-bugs.
>> You're right but I prefer the dependency tree because of the crossed 
>> / non-crossed bug display.
> Crossed/non-crossed means FIXED/OPEN?


>> And target milestones need to be changed manually a lot when bugs 
>> don't make it to the expected release.
> On the other hand the current solution is to arbitrary IMO. There is 
> absolutely no commitment to this setting "next release".

You're right, and I think it fits our way of working (as a group) where 
most issues are processed in "best effort" mode and only some are 
really blocking a release.

>>> WDYT? Where are the bugzilla admins?
>> Some of us have additional rights in bugzilla to be able to define 
>> products and components, see
>> But it doesn't mean we're the rulers of bugzilla, it's as much a 
>> community tool as everything else.
> Of course. It was not a "do it", but more a "how does it work". I 
> never used it, but see that the Mozilla community is using it heavily.

Ok, I see your point.

Maybe we could use target milestones for issues that *must* be solved 
for a particular release, and the dependencies thing for looser 

What do you and others think?


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