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From Alan <>
Subject Re: Jisp 3.0 moved to GPL licence
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2004 18:20:04 GMT
* Upayavira <> [2004-02-22 07:58]:
> Alan wrote:
> >* Antonio Gallardo <> [2004-02-20 11:25]:
> > 
> >
> >>Reinhard Poetz dijo:

> >>Maybe this is a crazy idea but: Is posible to replace jisp with Apache
> >>Xindice? Mainly because I have concerns for another ugly move (as jisp
> >>did) if we choose a solution from a 3rd party again. If we use Apache
> >>Xindice I think this cannot happen again.

> >Can I suggest moving to Momento?

> Alan, whilst I _am_ very interested to read about Momento, I do wonder 
> if it is what we need for our caching persistence engine. I would 
> describe that as primarily a binary data store, while sometimes storing 
> XML.

> The cache sometimes stores XML part way through a pipeline, but usually 
> stores the serialised result of a page, which may be in any format (i.e. 
> binary).

> I tend to think that Momento isn't suited to this need.

> However, as an XML data repository, it seems very interesting.

I've got a better idea of how Jisp is used in Cocoon from reading
    all the discussion after my post.
    I suggested Momento because someone suggested Xindice which led
    me to believe Jisp handled an XML persistence task.

    Might not be the best bet, no.

Alan / /
    aim/yim: alanengrm - icq: 228631855 - msn:

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