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From Nicolas Toper <>
Subject Re: variable substitution in @type attributes
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 15:30:07 GMT
Could you give a use case of this functionnality? 

I'm curious to know how it could be useful compared to how it'll make the 
sitemap unreadable?

Le Mercredi 04 Février 2004 16:18, Jorg Heymans a écrit :
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> > I think one major point is security or more precise: to detect possible
> > problems
> > early on. If you now use a wrong type information, which means address a
> > component that doesn't exist, you get an exception immediately on
> > startup. So, you know very early that your application is not correct.
> >
> > With a dynamic type attribute you defer this to a much later point which
> > might
> > be dangerous as well and very hard to find.
> true. But how is this different from having a custom component that
> throws an uncaught exception? It just gets passed to the errorhandler
> and we deal with it there. Or what when your <map:generate
> src="{1}.{2}"/> points to a non  existing file? That's also a normal
> error situation we are all familiar with.
> If pipeline setup happens after the pipeline match then searching
> components and filling in the "blanks" could be part of this setup
> (theoretically - i know). Ideally a component-not-found exception here
> is also caught by the error handler.
> Just thinking out loud, sorry if i'm oversimplifying.
> Jorg

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