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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Of One-man Efforts and the like
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 19:19:39 GMT
Scott Robert Ladd <> suggests:

> I found this quote rather interesting:
>  > FWIW: I think we should actively weed out one-man-effort 
> dependencies.  > People have the freedom to change their 
> mind, but we shouldn't be a  > victim of that.
> Change the words "one-man" to "open source", and see how it 
> reads. I've 
> been in on debates about whether or not to use "open source" 
> code... I 
> suggest the Apache might want to take the high road here, and judge 
> matters based on quality and applicability, not broad prejudices.

I think you miss the issue here: there's certainly no equivalency
between "one-man-effort" and "open source".  It seems that on one hand
you complain that you can't afford the time to provide free support for
everyone using Jisp, then on the other you want people to accept code
that has only you supporting it.  The solution to your (and the Cocoon
communities) dilemma is not to have a restrictive license (as I think
you agree), or to accept "one-man-efforts", but rather, to have a
community supporting the code.  Once you have a community supporting the
code you will personally no longer be "pestered" to provide free
support.  (OTOH, as one of the primary developers of the code base you
will be seen as having value for anyone willing to put up consultant

Now, exactly, how you go about building a community is another question.
But, it seems that perhaps some of the Cocoon project members might be
willing to help?

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