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From "Hunsberger, Peter" <>
Subject Are flowscript functions reentrant?
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 17:42:34 GMT
I'm still tracking this down but it would appear that I've got a case where flow script functions
or some part of the sendPageAndWait processing is not reentrant.  Is this possible or are
there known circumstances in which flow is not reentrant?  Could there be some reason that
generators aren't reentrant when called from flowscript?  We had not problems with this particular
set of pipelines prior to migrating to 2.1.3 but it turned up the first day we hit production
with code using 2.1.3 Cocoon (sigh)...

So far I know that the flow script is being called from two different users with different
continuations etc.  However, when this results in a call to another flowscript function that
then calls send page and wait I get bad results.  The circumstances require that both calls
be to the same function and subsequently to the same pipeline (via sendPageAndWait) and that
the first request not complete before the second request occurs (in our case it's a long running
data search that is producing the page data).  The results are that the pages that are sent
to the two users contain the result set for the second user and that the first result is never

Requesting a page refresh on the user that was sent the wrong data causes the correct data
to be sent.  The generator in question is aggregated with many other generators that cache
though it itself does not cache; turning off all Cocoon caching makes no difference.

Peter Hunsberger

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