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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: A Decision on Jisp
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2004 18:35:38 GMT

On Feb 23, 2004, at 11:09, Scott Robert Ladd wrote:

> SN> As suggested previously: could you please remove the ASF link from
> SN> the Jisp page?
> SRL> That seems like a rather petty request, given that Jisp *is* 
> currently
> SRL> in use by many (most?) Cocoon implementations.
> SN> I wouldn't call it "petty", rather "logical" - but I will leave the
> SN> uptake of this suggestion up to your own judgement. We went at 
> great
> SN> length to treat you and your personal ambitions with care and 
> respect.
> SN> We now politely ask for a favor in return.
> If you wish top rewrite history, I suggest inventing a time machine, 
> going back several years, and rewriting Cocoon so that it never used 
> Jisp. If you are not capable of doing that, we must exist within the 
> existing timeline in which Jisp was (and still is) used by Apache.
> Or are your somehow going to make Jisp vanish from all the existing 
> Cocoon installations?
> I will rewrite my web site to reflect the eventual removal of Jips 
> from Cocoon, since you have patently refused my offer to help maintain 
> a fork of older code, specific to Apacghe. My offers of cooperation 
> have been met with absolute "Our way, or the highway."

Scott, I agree with you that we have no rights in asking you to change 
anything from your site or your software because you are not abusing 
the terms or the apache name in any way. Please, do what you feel is 
most appropriate.

Please understand that cocoon is a community. Unless stated very 
clearly, every person speaks on him/her behalf only. Obviously, myself 

I also appreciate very much your offer to maintain Jisp 2.x, but as I 
mentioned before, we are trying to move away from dependencies that 
could easily break. A single person can get tired of it and move on, or 
get hit by a bus, or anything. A community is much more resistant to 

But, as you see in the other thread, I really think we don't need Jisp 
at all (not because of limits of the software, but because of how we 
use it!), so that would solve all issues at once.

But of course, it is a community decision, I'm just throwing in my 


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