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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: whitespace cleanup and efficiency drive
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 05:17:22 GMT
[Changing the subject and hopefully appending this good stuff
to the whitespace thread.
Was: Re: cvs commit: cocoon-2.1/legal LICENSE.ant]

Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > 
> > Every time a UNIX-based committer receives files from somewhere
> > else (for example Buzgilla Patch or another project) then they
> > need to ensure that they do not have a Windows problem. Do a 
> > 'dos2unix' on the files to fix them.
> > 
> > For a Windows-based committer, they may need to do the opposite
> > (i do not know) and they definitely need to ensure that they
> > have a proper CVS client that converts the line endings to the
> > UNIX-style on commit.
>  From the latest commit messages I found another reason for a line 
> ending issue: many text files were committed as binary files and are so 
> an almost guaranteed source of line endings problems. When committed 
> from Unix David's line endings test is passed, but you can't view the 
> files in Windows in little editors like notepad. When committed from 
> Windows David's test fails, he fixes it and you can again not view the 
> files in Windows. The problem is that binary files remain untouched when 
> committed to CVS and so the line endings that the CVS client should 
> handle in theory.
> What's the stuff in CVS? It's called keyword substitution and for 
> binaries the value is set to -kb, for ASCII you have different 
> possibilities (keyword replacement, keyword expansion, keywords 
> untouched and some more), I simple chose the Eclipse default -kkv 
> (expansion). I don't know how to do this from command line, but I guess 
> simply by committing with the additional -kkv.

The -k option is only for 'add' and 'update' etc.

The default with the command-line client is to do ASCII and you
need to explicitly do 'cvs add -kb' for images, and jar files, etc.

> I chose Eclipse (Team > 
> Change ASCII/Binary Property) and it was a bit of manual work (I felt 
> like in the game Diablo: click & fight, but here where no monsters, only 
> binary files ;). When adding 'CVS' to the label decorations (which I 
> have done to see easily which files are locally modified) you also see 
> whether the files are ASCII or binary - you only have to open and close 
> all directories. It would be good to get this work done automatically, 
> or at least the list of all binary files.

I had started a Perl script for another job and changed it to
deal with this. It operates on the output from 'cvs log'.
See the script on in my home directory

I have run it on the "woody" block and cannot see any problems.
Someone with more bandwidth could run it on the whole cocoon CVS.

> What can be done in future: Configure your CVS client correctly. From 
> the blocks and their initial committers you see problem candidates:
> woody > htmlarea          Ugo
> taglib
> portal, portal-fw         Carsten
> ojb                       Antonio
> linotype                  Stefano
> eventcache                Geoff
> We must not add files with (for the server unknown) file endings add 
> "automatically", you must add them ASCII style (I know WinCVS has this 
> explicitely, but I don't know about Eclipse). Another option is of 
> course to set the file styles server side, but I don't know if we can do 
> it for every file ending (imagine the files in legal), but at least for 

I have a big list of what should be a text file extension in the script. Perhaps we need to change our license files
to have a .txt filename extension.

> If David has observed the commits more deeper I guess many files were 
> known to him for dos2unix commits. When paying attention to the 
> ASCII/binary issue we will exempt him from this work to a certain extent 
> and he can invest his time on real Cocoon or Forrest features :)
> Joerg

Thanks Joerg, for your important discovery and follow-up work.
Yes i would rather work on "real" features, but i think that it
is very important to have an efficient CVS, so i do not mind doing
this type of work too.


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