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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Future of XSP and ESQL [was Re: An idea - transformer logicsheets.]
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 14:35:32 GMT

On 2 Feb 2004, at 04:37, Torsten Curdt wrote:

>>> But not being the database guy around here, I'm not the one to talk 
>>> about these things so I'll be glad if somebody else wants to come 
>>> forward.
>>> One thing is for sure: XSP is showing its age and we should move 
>>> forward... but without loosing its value.
>> Why not pull the ESQL stuff out and provide a stripped down 
>> ESQLTransformer?
> Something like that sits on my TODO list for ages now.
> Rrrr! *itch* As soon as I have some spare time... (please
> don't laugh)
> Be sure we won't simply deprecate ESQL!
> My idea is to come up with an unified syntax. Taking the
> best out of the SQLTransformer and the ESQL logicsheet.
> Then come up with an ESQL transformer and a logicsheet
> using the same code base (as much as possible). For
> an easy migration we could provide an ant task that
> applies a migration stylesheet.
> I just hope it's worth the effort since everyone
> seems to be going the OJB way...
> We could start a wiki page to collect the best
> out of both world and come up with the new syntax...

Sounds like a good plan to me.

I personally don't think that we should mandate the use of OJB (or any 
object-relational tool) instead of pipeline SQL expansion because they 
are used (and useful) in very different contexts.

I think that for pure publishing and where data interaction is low, 
pipeline SQL expansion makes still perfect sense and I think this 
covers up to 50% of all database-driven web sites.

But we need to inform our users of the risk of getting stuck with a 
paradigm that doesn't scale for massive and complex business logic and 
flow control. That's where flow + cforms + object-relational shines.

Of course, if we could wikify the two approaches with some sort of 
examples, it would be delightful.

Sort of "suggested practices in using a relational database with 
cocoon" guide.


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