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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject [RT] Connecting databases with Cocoon
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 15:37:22 GMT

After using Cocoon for years I still think we are not very clear in
telling our users what is the right tool for their needs. Of course this
depends on their use cases and their skills.

I see three different "Cocoon & databases" szenarios:

1. Use Cocoon in enterprise szenarios which are 
   highly interactive (--> many forms) + data which
   has to be saved in databases

   --> use CocoonForms, controlled by the Flow, a
       business facade written in Java, 
       O/R-mapping as persistence layer

   --> or use a tool like XML-DBMS (see Mail from
       Daniel) as CocoonForms - database binding

2. Use Cocoon as 'pure' publishing engine
   --> use ESQL or SQL Transformer (or sooner or
       later USQL ...)

3. Use Cocoon 'mainly' for publishing and there are
   only a few interactive pages that have to be
   persistent in a database and the user is not
   familiar with Java (this is for many people
   a reason why to use Cocoon because they can
   use XML everywhere and don't need to learn
   a programming language)

As you can see szenario 1 and 2 have clear solutions, scenario 3 doesn't
have. Some use ESQL with the drawback of mixing concers, some use
SQLTransformer which doesn't make it easy to make
create/update/delete-applications and some use DatabaseActions which are
IMO the simplest way but they are not supported by flow and which are
hidden in the depth of Cocoon (IMHO). 

IMO we should make the DatabaseActions more general components (...
shouldn't be too difficult) which can be used from within flow or from
actions and we should make clear statements what we as developer
consider as 'best practices' and what are the pros and cons of each



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