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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject output widget (was: [flowscript] How to set an integer value in the FlowScript?)
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:32:43 GMT
Joerg Heinicke <j.heinicke <at>> writes:

> When thinking about it I have to ask whether we need an output widget? Isn't
> it just a matter of styling, but nothing for the form definition (we already
> have wi:field/wi:styling/@type='output'). So shouldn't we remove the
> output widget?

I found a use case for the output widget - or better said a case where I need it
at the moment. But the reason for it is not the output widget itself, but seems
to be a limitation of the binding:

I have a repeater where a list of different objects is put in. These objects
have an ID, which I don't want to put into the frontend (i.e. HTML code, e.g.
hidden input). If I make the ID in the form definition a field (without
mentioning it in the template) the ID is null afterwards. It seems not to be
possible to set the repeater ID to direction="load" in the binding definition:

  <wb:repeater id="objects" parent-path="." row-path="objects"
               unique-row-id="id" unique-path="@id">
    <wd:convertor datatype="long"/>
      <wb:value id="name" path="name" direction="load"/>

So the only possibility I have at the moment is to use a wd:output, so that the
value of the ID is not replaced with null.

Is this observation correct? Is there an option for the binding to set
direction="load"? Setting it on wb:repeater does not work for me.


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