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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [flowscript] How to set an integer value in the FlowScript?
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 12:17:46 GMT
Christopher Oliver <res1cf5x <at>> writes:

> JS Number  is a double according to the specification. ScriptableWidget 
> provides coercions that allow you to write:
>   offset.value = 0;
> See the sample I recently committed.

Ok, I had a look at it. woody_flow_example.js (v2) contains lines like
    wid.account.value = 2;
    wid.cowheight.value = 2;
with datatype long and it seems to work. I did remote debugging and the Double
is replaced by a Long in the method jsSet_value(Object value).

But I'm not using the v2, but "normal" Woody and it seems not to work. The
ScriptableWidget here has a similar logic in put() as in the mentioned
jsSet_value() in v2. But setting a breakpoint inside it, it never breaks there.

Is it now just a new functionality in v2 or is something broken in the current
Woody ScriptableWidget?

BTW, this functionality does only work for fields, but not for output widgets
(it's more or less obvious from the code and I tried it with v2 sample). When
thinking about it I have to ask whether we need an output widget? Isn't it just
a matter of styling, but nothing for the form definition (we already have
wi:field/wi:styling/@type='output'). So shouldn't we remove the output widget?


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