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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: Accesibility with Cocoon 2
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 09:12:46 GMT
Using the windows description of accessibility : "Adjust your computer 
settings for vision, hearing and mobility".

We can break this down

- vision : i can imagine an xsl that adjusts font sizes, font color, 
table layout for relatively "clean" html. A quick search around revealed 
(1), which deals with some of the issues involved and gives guidelines 
on how to make "accessible" html. How to convert any html to accessible 
html will be quite difficult, if you however are in control of the 
layout you could already make the html more friendly to convert.

- hearing : there are a lot of free java libs available that do 
text-to-speech. If the html is designed according to the rules in (1), 
you could just walk the html layout and make the parts audible. 
Internationalization even should not be the problem, pluggable language 
libs are available as well.

Note to the list:
I feel a block design bubbling up here, i think it would be a good entry 
point for me as I've never made a block. WDYT?

(3)google for "text to speech java"

Hope this helps

PS IMO means In My Opinion :)
PS2 and WDYT means What Do You Think

Elvira Nieto Carretero wrote:
> Hello all!!
> First, sorry about my english. I'm spanish girl so my english is very bad.
> My question is if it exists a serialize in cocoon that it modified the 
> result of a xml+xsl with a appareance easy for discapacity persons 
> automatically. Of course, I use Guide W3C in my XML and HTML generated 
> by my xsl.
> Any idea?
> Thanks very  much
> A kiss

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