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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: Cocoon 2.1.3 breakdown when load testing
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 22:09:12 GMT
Rottmann, Lars wrote:

>Hello again,
>my tests over the last night were partly successful. I managed to make a run
>of about 7000000 requests and the server was still alive this morning.

Wow, 7M requests overnight? Amazing!

>This showed to me that my guess was obviously right. The log messages I
>posted earlier raised the suspicion in me that maybe the StaticBucketMap
>used by the excalibur-component package isn't really threadsafe. So I
>patched the ExcaliburComponentManager and ExcaliburComponentSelector and
>replaced all references to it with a java.util.Hashtable. Okay, I know this
>is not the fastest solution, but it worked. The "ComponentLocator exception
>from parent CM during lookup" appeared no longer in the logs. So I fear I've
>found a serious bug there.

This afternoon, a colleague of mine did some profiling on one of our 
apps and found what there's a constantly increasing number of 
StaticBucketMap$Lock objects. Maybe this is related to what you describe 
and we have a memory leak here. We'll investigate on this point also.

>The tests were only partly sucessful as I said because I noticed a
>considerable loss of performance over the time (over 75% in 14 hours). What
>I really wonder about is that the transaction rate per second dropped from
>one point the other from 170 to 60. At that time a file rotation of Cocoon's
>logs took place. The transaction rate did not recover again. I will test
>again this night without log rotation turned on to see if this has any
>impact on the overall performance.
>Does anyone of you know if the following log message from the
>cocoon-sitemap.log is of major importance? Might there be a link to the loss
>of performance I noticed, maybe because of a declining number of available
>pooled components? 
>WARN    (2004-01-06) 17:19.49:453   [sitemap] (/vsky/index.preg)
>wap-4/ExcaliburComponentSelector: Attempted to release a org.apache.coc
>oon.components.pipeline.impl.CachingProcessingPipeline but its handler could
>not be located.

This message can occur when a component is released several times.

>I love posting the results of my performance tests and it's parameters once
>I know that everythings works fine and stable over the time.

Thanks! Considering the number of requests for your load tests, your 
results will be definitely very intersting.


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