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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Woody template transformer using jx macros
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 16:04:38 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> ....
>>    <jx:when test="$widget.getWidget("items").size > 0">
> Thanks for JXTemplateGenerator example. I assume $widget here should 
> be woody form, which is stored in the request attribute, and according 
> to [1], method call syntax is a bit different from the above. So I 
> ended up with:
>  <jx:when test="getWidget(getAttribute($request, "form"), 
> "items")/size > 0">
> which actually worked for me, with JXTemplateGenerator. I'm now 
> puzzled: how yours expression works?

It doesn't work ;-)
I wrote it by mimicing what's in Christopher's code without actually 
testing it.

Reading in more detail the JX implementation of <wt:form-template> and 
<wt:repeater>, I found that the variable containing the current widget 
is not "widget" but "ignored"!!

Christopher, can you confirm this? I would be good to have the "widget" 
or "currentWidget" variable available to crawl the widget tree from any 
point in the template.

>> The important difference with the WoodyTransformer is that the 
>> generator has access to the form model and therefore can produce a 
>> page layout whose content depend on the actual values of this model.
> I'm worried a bit about performance of such a beastie - macros on top 
> of interpreted jxpath language executed in interpreted java machine...

Yep. But this also avoids an additional transformer.

>> The above example is however a bit too simplistic since the same 
>> result could be achieved with the WoodyTransformer. The jx:when test 
>> expression would then be something like 
>> "$woody-form.getWidget("items").size > 0".
> Now I'm lost. I have not found code in neither 
> EffectWidgetReplacingPipe nor in WoodyTemplateTransformer which would 
> implement any jx: functionality, except commented-out translateText 
> method. What do I miss?

Maybe I wasn't clear. A "regular" JXTemplate (without Woody macros) can 
access the form model to dynamically build the form template that's 
later expanded by WoodyTransformer.

But if we want to implement the repeater example (different layout 
depending on the repeater size) using this combination, we can do it 
only for top-level repeaters and not for nested ones, as the iteration 
on repeaters is handled by the transformer, and JXTemplate can therefore 
not access the properties of these nested repeaters (unless the JX 
template implements itself that iteration, but it is then equivalent to 
the macros).

Hope it's clearer.


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