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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Rename "union" to "select"?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 13:18:44 GMT
Marc Portier wrote:


> Hm, so taking up that rule, maybe we should avoid the confusion with 
> HTML's <select><option> and should maybe rather let <wd:union> become

> a <wd:choice>

I like "choice" which is a noun better than "select" which is a verb.

Also, it seems to me that "class", "struct" and "new" are variations 
around the concept of widget groups. We could then have:
- "group-template" for "class"
- "group-instance" for "new"
- "group" for "struct"

How does it sound?

Note also that we can make a direct parallel between "wd:group" (former 
"struct") and the instance-only "wi:group" wigets I introduced in 

Finally, something that bothers me in "choice" (currently "union") is 
that the various cases only appear in the template, but not in the 
definition. It would be better IMO to define the choices in the form 
definition to ensure there's no accidental mixing in the template.

Or maybe was it done on purpose to allow a single widget to be present 
in several cases? If true, then we can have a single namespace for child 
widgets as of now, and have additional "case" statements in the 
definition identifying which widgets can appear in which case.

We could then have:
<wd:choice id="schedule" case-widget="travel-type">
  <wd:label>Travel schedule</wd:label>
    <wd:field id="departure-date">...</wd:field>
    <wd:field id="return-date">...</wd:field>
  <wd:when case="one-way">
    <wd:use-widget id="departure-date"/>
  <wd:when case="two-way">
    <wd:use-widget id="departure-date"/>
    <wd:use-widget id="return-date"/>

We may also have a "permissive mode" when there's no <wd:when> statement 
that would allow any widget for any case.

Ah, and another question: why is the case-selection widget a sibling of 
the "choice" widget? Shouldn't it be a child widget? This would allow an 
stronger semantic grouping. But I'm not sure if this is good...


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