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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Jython and Continuations was: Re: Flow or actions?
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 17:47:30 GMT

On 15 Jan 2004, at 16:39, Brian McCallister wrote:

> =(
> The biggest problem I have selling coworkers on Flow is the 
> JavaScript. Too many bad associations from scripting in browsers 
> (despite the fact that the more I play with JS the nicer the language 
> gets) for most people, I think.

Been there, done that.

Javascript has nothing to do with DHTML problems: it was (and still is) 
lack of a standard object model and event mechanism (even if things are 
much better nowadays).

Javascript is just a language, syntax plus some basic semantics, it's 
not a platform.

The way I sell it is that cocoon has two higher level programming 
languages (sitemap and flowscript) gluing components written in a high 
level programming language (java). Sitemap uses the xml syntax, 
flowscript uses the javascript syntax... because the first leverages 
the HTML-injected angled brakets mindset, but without SGML problems, 
the second uses the java-injected curly braces mindset, but without the 
java overhead of strong typing, compilation-induced slow try/fail 

With blocks and a compiling classloader, we'll reach nirvana of web RAD 
but without compromising architectural elegance and SoC.

But it could be much worse: flowscript used to use the scheme syntax ;-)


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