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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Flow or actions?
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 18:15:20 GMT

On 14 Jan 2004, at 14:14, Andreas Hartmann wrote:

> Rolf Kulemann wrote:
> [...]
>> AFAIK people like flow, because you do not need to recompile 
>> (anything)
>> when updating flow script.
> But on the other hand (AFAIK) there's no IDE support
> for auto completion etc. in the javascript. This is a
> big drawback. Any ideas how to improve this?

Yes, write everything you can in java and use Chris' wonderful 

That gives you:

  1) the SoC of sitemap/flow
  2) the power of continuations
  3) the execution speed of java
  4) the IDE help for your complicated code
  5) the try/modify/retry rountrip speed of scripting

I really find it hard to imagine a more powerful environment to write 
my web applications with and you flow should, in theory remain a bunch 
of variable declarations, objects instantations, conditional constructs 
and cocoon.* calls.... that don't really need that much code completion 

Of course, if someone wrote a flowscript editor for eclipse, I would 
totally use it ;-)


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