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From "Rottmann, Lars" <>
Subject AW: Re: No memory leak because of Recyclable!
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 11:50:37 GMT

>>Volker Schmitt wrote:
>> yes, the problem is following situation:
>> WARN    (2004-01-06) 17:19.49:453   [sitemap] (/vsky/index.preg)
>> wap-4/ExcaliburComponentSelector: Attempted to release a 
>> org.apache.coc oon.components.pipeline.impl.CachingProcessingPipeline 
>> but its handler could not be located.
>> This mean, that the CachingProcessingPipeline can't be released 
>> because the ComponentHandler can't be located. This means, that for 
>> this CachingProcessingPipeline the recycle method is not called. > The 
>> challence is now to found the reason why the CachingProcessingPipeline 
>> can't be released. We had a similar problem with our application, see
>> Thread: 
>> /022744.html
>> but this problem is fixed in 2.1.3.
>Now, after looking at the code, I seems that there are problems with the
bucket map. Apart from that everything seems ok.
>I'm a little bit concerned, that the ECM Selector uses a
>component.toString() as a unique identifier among all components. Why is 
>not the component itself used? This fails as soon as a component overwrites

>toString(). In the case of the CachingPP toString is not overwritten.
>So this shouldn't be a problem here.
>Now, we could recycle/dispose a component when the handler is not found 
>in the selector as a workaround. This would at least solve the memory leak 
>but of course not the real problem.

Replacing the BucketMap with another Map implementation solves the problem
of Cocoon failing at high load (where the ECM fails to look up a Selector, 
not the Selector looking up a handler). It does not cure the warning
message above.

You can deal with the warning by adding a 'pool-max="512"' to the
<map:pipes> section of the sitemap. But I fear this is just a workaround,


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