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From "Rottmann, Lars" <>
Subject AW: AW: Cocoon 2.1.3 breakdown when load testing
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 14:53:22 GMT

>>we are currently migrating from a rather old development version of
>>Cocoon (december 2002) to the latest stable release 2.1.3. The 
>>increase in performance is awesome, but unfortunately we are facing 
>>reproducable faulty behaviour when load testing the actual version. 
>>After delivering roughly
>>20000+ pages without an error, the server starts sending back error
>>20000+ pages
>>with status code 500.
>>This is the configuration we use for testing: Sun Fire V480 (OS 5.8)
>>with 2x 900 MHz, 4 GB RAM, Cocoon 2.1.3 (with Xalan as XSLT 
>>processor), Jetty 4.2.12, Sun Java 1.4.2_02-b03. We do the load 
>>testing with the tool "Siege" (version 2.56) with 40 concurrent users 
>>requesting 2000 pages each.
>Try switching to Tomcat (or else) instead using Jetty. I've had a quite 
>similar problem with Cocoon running on JBoss + Jetty under heavy load. 
>witching to Tomcat solved the problem.

Hi Nicos, 

I really do doubt that the source of the problem is the JVM or the servlet
engine used. Tomcat is currently not an option because Jetty has proven to
be much faster and more stable, something we really need. 

I now have an educated guess. Probably tomorrow I can give more details. I
still have to cross-check something and do another long-term test over the


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