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From "Unico Hommes" <>
Subject RE: JSP engine
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 14:09:51 GMT

Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> Just a few comments ...
> On 15.01.2004 16:26, Unico Hommes wrote:
> > While trying to use Cocoon as a front end to Slide 
> WebdavServlet I ran 
> > into a problem with JSPEngine interface. The problem I am having is 
> > that while Slide sets the response headers such as status code and 
> > content-type the JSPEngine cannot forward these to the Cocoon 
> > environment.
> > 
> > This is because the JSPEngine's interface takes the 
> > HttpServletResponse and HttpServletRequest objects instead 
> of the Cocoon environment ones.
> > If I change the JSPEngine interface so that it takes the 
> object model 
> > instead I can solve this problem. From a public/private interface 
> > point of view, I can just make this change without having to go 
> > through a deprecation cycle right? I mean, JSPEngine interface is a 
> > private interface.
> The JSP stuff is highly buggy or at least limited usable. I 
> also could imagine that it is not very often used. The only 
> questions on the mailing lists came from so called newbies 
> which try this feature and I guess they often withdraw from 
> it. So I'm +1 for every change that stabilizes the JSP stuff 
> and makes it more usable. Any possible backwards 
> incompatibility I would accept in this case.

Luckily, I found that it wasn't necessary to change the interface to
solve my problem after all.

> > BTW, the name 'JSPEngine' seems to be slightly off. All 
> > implementations actually allow you to run a generic Servlet 
> instead of just JSPs.
> We already have a ServletGenerator (it's abstract). What 
> about making both such generic that we can remove one?

I've left the JSP naming in place but updated much of the javadoc to
reflect the broader useage.

> > Also,
> > the generator is called JspGenerator (note 'sp' in lower 
> case) but the 
> > reader is called JSPReader. Should we rename one of these?
> I often came across this naming issue and would change it too 
> (everything to uppercase).



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