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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [flowscript] How to set an integer value in the FlowScript?
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 00:39:15 GMT
On 28.01.2004 18:21, Carlos Chávez wrote:

>  i am think this is related with the datatype of Woody and Java
>  the datatype in woody integer is converter in java.lang.Integer
>  and the datatype in woody decimal is converter in java.math.BigDecimal

IMO it's a problem of the FlowScript implementation/Rhino or what 
exactly, that defaults to Double for numbers. Can't this be handled more 
automatically by the FlowScript when calling Java? Christopher?

>   Try this :
>          offsetWidget.value = new java.lang.Integer(0);

Thank you very much, this works like a charm :)

>>Now I tried to access the error on the other end by changing the Woody
>>definition and binding. As there is no double datatype I tried float with
>>following result:
>>"Tried to set value of output widget "repeater.offset" with an object of
>>incorrect type: expected class java.lang.Float, received class
>>That was not what I expected! Also this error occurs on binding load time,
>>when I set the value. Is this a bug??

My concern above was another one as no "decimal" was involved. I set the 
datatype and the convertor to "float" and the binding had a problem with 
it (no FlowScript "widget.value = 0" involved!). If I remember correctly 
the binding was to an XML file and the element with its value was 

Ok, instead of asking for further help on the last issue I had a look 
into the convertors myself - they are nicely short :) And I guess I 
found the reason for this problem: The PlainFloatConvertor returned a 
BigDecimal object - I guess just a copy & paste problem. I will commit 
it now. Please confirm my observation.


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