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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Woody
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:59:20 GMT
Harald Wehr wrote:

> Hi Vadim,
> sorry for writing directly to you, but I did not get an answer to my 
> posting to the developer list.

Well, you have to have a bit more patience.

I generally agree that image input handling should be present in this 
way or another in the Woody, but I currently do not keep all of the 
Woody in my head (plus, the usual time-factor) so it's hard for me to 
say are your suggestions good or not.

I can help you only with advice to make another attempt on the list; and 
file a patch to BugZilla with proposed solution. Somebody will take a 
look at it, sooner or later.

PS May be Sylvain or Bruno have a need for an image input and will do 
something about it :-)


> As you were the latest one that modified something in 
> JXPATHBindingBuilderBase in woody I try to get an answer to these 
> questions. My mail is here:
> Following snippet is a copy of that posting:
> ---------------------
> In our forms we often have to handle input parameters from an image 
> within a form. When the user clicks in an image the browser transfers 
> parameters of the form img.x and img.y
> To handle this we implemented an ImageWidget, that is able to store 
> the value (the image name) and additionally the x and y value.
> Now we try to develop a special binding, as we have to get access to 
> some properties of the widget (x and y).
> We therefore tried to inherit from JXpathBindingBuilderBase and 
> JXPathBindingBase but access to class CommonAttributes is not allowed. 
> Is this an intended feature of the binding framework?
> With our own binding implementation we would like to benefit from the 
> common attributes like load-enabled or save-enabled even if our class 
> is in another package than the binding classes coming with woody.
> -----------------------
> Can you help me with this?
> Harald

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