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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [Woody] observations, issues, questions, best practices
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:14:42 GMT

Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> Joerg Heinicke <joerg.heinicke <at>> writes:
>>>>>>4. The switching of binding to XML or beans costs to much effort.

>>>>>>Binding file, JXTemplate (for the result), flow script. Maybe I did

>>>>>>something the wrong way, but the XML needs at least a root element,

>>>>>>why this would be annoying for the bean. Some ideas for that?
>>>>>hm, both are supported, but that doesn't necesarrily mean that 
>>>>>swapping between both is that easy.
>>>>>I encountered the same when doing the first of my binding-samples... 
>>>>>I ended up switching easily by not passing the DOM directly into the 
>>>>>binding, but rather the root-node.   Note: when binding to XML you 
>>>>>need to pass in a DOM Node, not a DOM Document!
>>>>Sometimes it's soo simple. But could it be that it is a one-way ticket? 
>>>nope works both ways for me, of course I write back to the same document 
>>>I read fromm
>>>>Saving the "document" back does not work, because document is null.
>>Good question. I simply used the woody2.js and the loadDocument() and 
>>saveDocument() from binding.js. Hmm, I will look again.
> I investigated the problem a bit more and my first observations were wrong. Not
> the document is null, but it's value. I guess that's ok, as toString() probably
> returns the text nodes. So it look like "[data: null]" when <data> is the
> document element.
> The real problem now is to save this thing back to file. If I pass the document
> element only to saveDocument() I get an empty file. If I pass the root node (the
> one above document element - how is it correctly called in DOM?) I get the file
> as expected. But it seems not to be possible to get from document element to
> root node. I tried ownerDocument() and get following exception:
> "uncaught JavaScript exception: TypeError: [#document: null] is not a function."

isn't the full name getOwnerDocument()?

> This has nothing to do with the immediate steps of loading and saving the model
> as also a document.getDocumentElement().ownerDocument() in loadDocument() (where
> I expect document again) results in the exception above. How did you save the
> document back, Marc? Or do you or anybody else know why ownerDocument() fails?

euh, as you can see in the binding samples I didn't :-)

> Joerg

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