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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Pipleline Execution Stack Trace (was Cocoon Stack Traces)
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 17:01:45 GMT
Christopher Oliver wrote:

> So I would propose something like the following:
> 1) Have the TreeProcessor pass the sitemap source location in 
> setGenerator(), addTransformer(), and setSerializer() to the 
> ProcessingPipeline.
> 2) In "Debug" mode instrument the PipelineProcessor to write the 
> output of each stage to a temporary file and regenerate SAX events 
> from the temporary file (with location information). The 
> PipelineProcessor would catch any exception thrown by a pipeline 
> component and generate a "Cocoon" stack trace that includes the source 
> location of the temp file. The Cocoon error reporter could even 
> display the source code (maybe in tab-panes or whatever) of the 
> pipeline intermediate results together with the stack trace. 
> Hypothetically the label or tooltip on the tab-pane would be something 
> like:
> C:\TEMP\Pipeline_1060734815693.xml (output of 
> C:\cocoon\build\webapp\samples\sitemap.xmap::66:16)
> where the sitemap location refers to a <map:generate> or 
> <map:transform> instruction.

IIRC, profiler pipeline already does some of this, like it saves output 
of every stage. Me thinks this "debug" mode should be part of profiling 

PS I don't like writing to a temp file part


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