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From Christopher Oliver <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Stack Traces
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 15:35:44 GMT

Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Christopher Oliver wrote:
>> I started looking into how I could get a meaningful stack trace (with 
>> location information) spanning (possibly nested) invocations of the 
>> sitemap, flowscript, and JXTemplateGenerator.
> <snip>
>> WDYT?
> /me thinks it's great!
> Some low-level remarks, however:
> - we need a "popStackFrame()" method, since once a component has been 
> executed successfully and execution continues in its following 
> siblings, it should no longer appear in the stack trace

The idea is that this stack trace is created during exception processing:

try {
    do whatever
} catch (Exception e) {
    Cocoon.addCocoonStackTrace("failed to do whatever", "comp", 
"method", uri, line, column);
    throw e;

Thus, during normal processing there is no overhead. That's why there's 
no popStackFrame().

> - is the "message" parameter really needed? It's only meaningful for 
> the statement where the error occured, and will be present in the Java 
> exception that is raised. 

I guess you're right, but my thinking was that additional information 
about the call site could be useful.  If there's no additional 
information you can just pass null.

> - consequently, to minimize performance overhead, I think it would be 
> better to pass a single StackTraceElement parameter (or 
> "CocoonStackFrame"?), since these objects can be pre-allocated at 
> script/template/sitemap load time and are immutable afterwards. 

See above.

> - I don't like much putting this on the "Cocoon" class. What about 
> creating a "org.apache.cocoon.util.debug" package holding the various 
> classes that will certainly follow this first enhancement. I'm 
> thinking to a global debugger that may be built using these stack frames.

This approach was only designed to support exception reporting, not to 
support debug tracing or to develop a debugger. For those purposes a 
different design is required.



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