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From Nicos Ka <>
Subject Re: AW: Cocoon 2.1.3 breakdown when load testing
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 13:25:45 GMT
Rottmann, Lars wrote:

>>we are currently migrating from a rather old development version of 
>>Cocoon (december 2002) to the latest stable release 2.1.3. The 
>>increase in performance is awesome, but unfortunately we are facing 
>>reproducable faulty behaviour when load testing the actual version. 
>>After delivering roughly
>>20000+ pages without an error, the server starts sending back error 
>>20000+ pages
>>with status code 500.
>>This is the configuration we use for testing: Sun Fire V480 (OS 5.8) 
>>with 2x 900 MHz, 4 GB RAM, Cocoon 2.1.3 (with Xalan as XSLT 
>>processor), Jetty 4.2.12, Sun Java 1.4.2_02-b03. We do the load 
>>testing with the tool "Siege" (version 2.56) with 40 concurrent users 
>>requesting 2000 pages each.

Try switching to Tomcat (or else) instead using Jetty. I've had a quite 
similar problem with Cocoon running on JBoss + Jetty under heavy load. 
Switching to Tomcat solved the problem.



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