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From Stephan Coboos <>
Subject Re: [Suggestion] Making components easier to distribute
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 13:12:18 GMT
Giacomo Pati wrote:

> Stephan Coboos wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I like the concept of own avalon components in cocoon very very well. 
>> So I only work with flowscripts and avalon components but very seldom 
>> with actions or xsp. I think, the concept flowscript + avalon 
>> component is the future way to integrate logic into a cocoon app. But 
>> in my opnion there are a bunsh of disadvantages creating 
>> avalon-components in cocoon:
>> 1.) Why it is necessary to extract the cocoon.roles from the 
>> cocoon.jar to register the components? 
> It is not necesssary. You can either make your own roles.file and 
> indicate that in cocoon.xconf like:
> <cocoon version="2.0" user-roles="/WEB-INF/user.roles">
> or just use the full component descriptor as you'll find some in that 
> form in the cocoon.xconf:
> <component class="your.class.Name"
>            logger="your.logger"
>            role="your.interface.Name"/>
Oh, fine. I didn't knew about this.

>> For me at the first time I had done this, it has looked like a change 
>> on the whole cocoon archticture and not a simple integration of a 
>> logic component. I think its not clear why do so. It looks like this 
>> is not the suggested way to intregate business logic. But it is, 
>> isn't it?
>> My suggestion:  The cocoon.roles should be situated in the classes 
>> folder, not in the cocoon.jar or better in  WEB-INF beside the 
>> cocoon.xconf aso.
> No. the cocoon.roles file is a private one for cocoon only. If you are 
> in need of your own write as mentioned above.
>> 2.)  Its very hard to create independent components for customers. 
>> What I mean is: Using a component in flowscript is relativley simple 
>> (the customer is able to use this;-) but creating a component can be 
>> very hard and complex. So it's possible that a new market place grows 
>> up in which avalon-components for cocoon will be created and 
>> distributed (Mailer-Component, DB-Component, aso.). But moving a 
>> component from one cocoon-app to another cocoon-app can be very hard, 
>> too (4 steps and more for moving are to much). So it should not be 
>> necessary to register all roles in the same roles.cocoon and 
>> configure it in the same cocoon.xconf. In my opinion the best way 
>> would be to distribute a new component as jar which has its on 
>> "cocoon.roles" and "cocoon.xconf" in it. Cocoon should "mount" these 
>> config files at startup. The disatvantage of this order is, that the 
>> "real" config files are separated from the one in the components jar. 
>> But cocoon should look at startup into the real cocoon.roles and 
>> cocoon.xconf. Is the role already registered and configured there, 
>> this configurations will be used. Otherwise the configurations from 
>> the jar will be used.
> Have you read about the Blocks comming with version 2.2 
> (

No I'am sorry. But now I had read some parts of it. It looks really good 
and seems to solve my problem in future.

PS: Is there a timeline avaibale when 2.2 wille be approx released? In 2004?

Thank you.


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