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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Rename "union" to "select"?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 15:46:00 GMT

Tim Larson wrote:


>> From that perspective I would recommend as a general line of thinking 
>>to choose names reflecting concepts from XSD, relaxNG, UML while making 
>>sure they would not be confusing to people aware of HTML,css,js?
> Then it is a good thing I asked on the list.  My background is from
> other programming languages, not XML, HTML, UML, etc.

oh yeah, asking others, and then waiting some time to let it sink in :-)

during our private discussion I was still somewhat leaning to 'select' 
it was only after looking out for some argumentation on Anthonio's 
statement that I came to consider xmlschema's

>>Hm, so taking up that rule, maybe we should avoid the confusion with 
>>HTML's <select><option> and should maybe rather let <wd:union> become
> +1

glad you like it :-)

Marc Portier                  
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