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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject FW: [proposal] Cleaning up our component library
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 07:43:00 GMT
Darn. Meant for this to go to the list, not to you directly.

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From: Ralph Goers
To: 'Joerg Heinicke '
Sent: 1/27/2004 9:06 PM
Subject: RE: [proposal] Cleaning up our component library

I realise I am fairly new to Cocoon and my opinion probably doesn't
carry as much weight as most of yours.  In many ways I agree with you,
but not all.  In particular, I am not in favor of removing components if
their replacement requires flowscript. In my company we won't/can't use
it.  Our environment has special security concerns that just won't allow
a scripting language - or even JSPs or XSPs for that matter.  One of the
things we love is that the flow can be completely implemented through
the sitemap and a few custom compoents, as well as those already
provided by Cocoon.

We'd love to use Woody (aka Cocoon Forms), but if it can be used without
FlowScript it isn't obvious.  So we will be using the
SimpleFormTransformer etc., for the forseeable future.

One of the things I abhor about Java Open Source projects is their
apparent disregard for backward compatibility.  If any of you read the
forum at about the release of Commons Collections 3.0
you will know what I am talking about.  So while providing strong
guidance on best practices is great, IMO removing classes that have been
released should only be done after the classes have been deprecated for
at least one release.


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From: Joerg Heinicke
Sent: 1/27/2004 5:40 PM
Subject: [proposal] Cleaning up our component library

Another example or the "wrong" components as 
[Read|Write]DOMSessionTransformer or SourceWritingTransformer. They are 
not transformers in the closer sense, they just tee the pipeline. They 
should be completely removed and replaced with either XModuleSource and 
aggregation (read) or FlowScript's processPipelineTo (write).

Similar as for the FileGenerator the DirectoryGenerator is "out of 
date", we already have the replacement in our CVS.



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