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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [Bug?] absolute redirection in flow appears not to be proxy safe
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2004 18:03:36 GMT
I came across a very weird problem today. I had two cocoon applications 
that were once running in different JVM instances, both mapped to / and 
I moved them into a single Jetty instance mapped on /A and /B (for 

Then I modified the ProxyPass settings and used the jetty web.xml trick 
to change the cookie path.

Now, the interesting thing was that while /A performed just like 
before, /B had a wierd problem: "redirects" were absolute to the 
"webapp server", not to the "web server".

Both apps had the same exact version of cocoon (compiled this morning).

After careful examination and extensive protocol dump, I was able to 
understand that while /A used


/B used


and both turn up to the in the same position, but while the first 
actually works (the redirect is "remapped" to the original Proxy URL, 
not to the appserver one which is obviously firewalled), the second 
doesn't do remapping and the web application fails because it tries to 
connect to the webapp directly

[actually it's even worse, because it tries to connect to the ProxyPass 
setting, which are http://localhost:8000/ in my case, so it tries to 
connect to *your* machine!]

The interesting thing is that this worked perfectly in the past, when 
both were mapped to /, but I can't tell what broke since I moved them 
*and* change the version of cocoon at the same time.

Did anybody experience a similar behavior?


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