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From Tim Larson <>
Subject Re: [CForms] Binding error while saving back?
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 05:11:47 GMT
On Sat, Jan 31, 2004 at 06:41:49PM -0600, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Hi again :-D
> In another place we have a binding problem:
> <wb:context path="cuentaInventario">
>   <wb:value id="prod_id_inventario" path="prod_id"/>
>   <wb:value id="cc_id_inventario"   path="cc_id"/>
> </wb:context>
> Interesting is that this binding works while load the form, but file while
> saving the values in the Java Bean using the binding framework. Here is
> the error:
> <snip>
> org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathException: Exception trying to create
> xpath cuentaInventario; Factory is not set on the JXPathContext - cannot
> create path: /cuentaInventario
> </snip>
> Why this does not work? Is this a bug? The object cuentaInventario have
> the 2 values inside, but the binding framework is not able to set them.
<exception snipped>

Probably a silly question, but does cuentaInventario have setters defined
for prod_id and cc_id?

Also, is this <wb:context> snippet inside some other context, such as a
repeater, that could be where the binding code actually messes up?

I have found using a javascript binding acts as a good substitute for
"println" statements when debugging issues like this.  You could use a
javascript binding right before the context binding or before the value
bindings to print out the values of the jxpathcontext and jxpathpointer
to see of they give any clues.

--Tim Larson

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