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From Simon Mieth <>
Subject Re: [CLI/CocoonBean] currently broken?
Date Sat, 31 Jan 2004 21:36:29 GMT
On Sat, 31 Jan 2004 20:19:35 +0000
Upayavira <> wrote:

> >
> This is a part of something much bigger. At some point
> we've got to go through all blocks and make them
> compatible with the CLI. The authentication framework
> usually breaks it, as do some others. We need to go
> through each block and sort it.
> Thanks for pointing this out Simon.Would you be willing to
> go through Cocoon and find out which blocks don't work
> with the CLI/bean?
> Regards, Upayavira


The portal-fw and portal block break the CLI/Bean.

But i'm a little bit confused:

I made a clean rebuild without this blocks.
Copy the servlet.jar to the libs and tried:

./ cli -d out -c build/webapp docs/index.html

and get an exception


./ -x cli.conf generates only start-sites and does
not crawling and docs/index.html are broken.


./ servlet 

and view the documentation via

stop the servlet

and try again with the cli

./ cli -d out -c build/webapp docs/index.html
./ -x cli.conf

The CLI generates now the docs, no exception, no broken

Can someone reproduce this behavior?

Best Regards,


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