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From Tim Larson <>
Subject [cforms] Forwarding catalog discussion
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 15:28:41 GMT
[Forwarding private email snippets (with permission) to list.
 More topics will follow under different subject lines.]

> --- Marc Portier <> wrote:
yep, and I'm afraid I haven't listened enough to the need you want to 
address, the more I think about the class-new stuff the more I end up 
thinking about some central catalog

> --- Tim Larson <> wrote:
There should be a central catalog, but I think we also need to be able
to have classes that are local to a form.  Now that the local case has
been implemented someone can extend "new" to also be able to reference
a central catalog.

BTW, I was thinking about allowing multiple catalogs and using "import"
to reference in the relevant catalogs or specific classes from certain
catalogs, similar to how import works in java source code.  WDYT?

[Note this would also be similar to import/include in XSLT.]

> --- Marc Portier <> wrote:
I was thinking about augmenting the default-manager with a reference to 
a catalog where all the 'classes' are

and then have the new look those up from there, they should then have a 
logical-name, and should get a specific id in the new definition...

still thinking though

[End of email snippets]

--Tim Larson

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