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From Nicolas Toper <>
Subject Re: Rename "union" to "select"?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 13:45:29 GMT

Woody widget's name are used for GUI; so why not use the GUI vocabulary? 

Just kidding. 

I do think however that ppl using Woody (which I am) will have more an HTML 
background than a "programming" one (assuming than programming means using a 
llot of unions)

Le Lundi 05 Janvier 2004 14:35, Tim Larson a écrit :
> --- Marc Portier <> wrote:
> > it was never planned to be kept private, it just happened
> True.
> > in any case (and back to topic), I'm with Antonio here to question if we
> > should let known programming-language (be it C or Java) constructs
> > influence the naming here.  I really think they are no match for the
> > target-audience of people writing woody stuff?
> We need some of the concepts that come from programming languages,
> but both of you may be right that it should not influence the naming.
> > I would suspect those to be typically more comming from the web-design
> > area where historically js, html, css, flash and the likes have made up
> > the realm of their thinking? From a pure intellectual perspective I
> > think woody definition stuff is conceptually the closest to one of XML
> > Schema writing, UML Class diagramming and ERD writing...
> >
> >  From that perspective I would recommend as a general line of thinking
> > to choose names reflecting concepts from XSD, relaxNG, UML while making
> > sure they would not be confusing to people aware of HTML,css,js?
> Then it is a good thing I asked on the list.  My background is from
> other programming languages, not XML, HTML, UML, etc.
> > Hm, so taking up that rule, maybe we should avoid the confusion with
> > HTML's <select><option> and should maybe rather let <wd:union>
become a
> > <wd:choice>
> +1
> --Tim Larson
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